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Is an iPad Cover a Good Solution?

Many have stated that the iPad cover is nowhere near the quality and the level of protection offered by the case but with covers getting more and more advanced from a technological point of view, they have become more and more a favorite of the general public. Skeptics have stated that this is just a fad and that the real protection is offered only by the case, but are they really right?

First of all, you have to keep in mind some aspects about the iPad cover which include the fact that this cover is meant to protect just the exterior from scratches and dust while offering just the bare minimum level of shock and drop protection. This being said, there are a multitude of cover styles on the market ranging from skins to pocket covers each having individual pluses and minuses, but the general aspect behind this is usability and well thought design.

Furthermore, a cover has to protect while giving access to all functions of the device such as headphone jack or buttons. Although the vast majority of them give access to all features, it depends how easy that access is obtained; for example a case with protection for dust will require unplugging the protective muffs from the case which can on a longer use prove to be a redundant and sometimes painstaking task although it was though with good intention from the beginning.

Added to this, the cover can have some advantages over any type of iPad protection accessories since it gives the iPad a sleek and slim design which can be both a plus and a minus. The main advantage is giving it basic protection level while keeping in mind the general idea behind the iPad concept: sleek design with carry-anywhere possibility. Moreover, the iPad cover can also be a fashion accessory with many coloring possibilities which range from the original back of the iPad to the more expensive but moneys’ worth cartoon design covers.

All in all, the best iPad covers and cases are strongly recommended not only by the writer but also by Apple since although the device is to some extent scratch resistant, wear signs can be seen on it after just half of year of usage which can become exponentially worse with time with the wear of the first protective invisible layer from the iPads’ paint.

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